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What if your software wrote your emails for you?

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An Introduction

Email is one of the most intensively used tool in an architecture or engineering firm.

Almost anything we do, we have to send it by email. Every time we send an economic proposal, an invoice, a document with a portfolio of projects for a client, etc we have to write it and then send it via email.

Every time we write an email, we spent time in writing it. Most of the content in the email is repetitive and can easily be replicated.

Avant Manager helps the architect or the engineer reduce the time invested in email writing. It has a template system that allows the user to create and parameterize a set of different emails for several of the routine and repetitive tasks that he does during the day.

How does it work?

Avant Manager creates, writes and sends routine and repetitive emails automatically. This saves tremendous amounts of time.

The receiver of the email, in addition, won't realize that the email was a template because Avant manager will customize it according to the previous parameters that you would have set up.

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs an email auto-sending system as a part of their productivity or management software:

1. Faster emails:

When a potential client send a request and you reply with a quote or a proposal within minutes while your competition takes hours or days, how much more impressed will the prospective client be with you?

2. Save time:

An average person in corporate America today spends on an average 40 minutes per day writing email. Even if you can reduce your email sending time by 80% it is a significant amount of time saved which can be used to focus on other avenues of your business.

3. Fewer mistakes:

When you are sending out emails constantly, you tend to make mistakes in either the grammar or the spellings. In addition to that there is less structure to the email. When you use Avant Manager and our template system, since the content is pre-fed, there are much less mistakes and there is better structure to the email. Also all the emails are uniform which shows an organized firm.

4. Increased efficiency:

Since you will have saved a significant amount of time, you can focus that time on other aspects of your business like meeting clients, working on projects etc which will help to increase the efficiency and profits of your firm.

With Avant Manager all the problems of wasting time on repeated emails and drafting individual emails disappears. You can have pre-filled templates and just add the details and send out emails and quotes and proposals in a tenth of the time it took you earlier. You can use this time to then focus more on the important things in your business.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can get an automated email system to increase your productivity. 


5 reasons why a small architect or engineering firm needs customized software

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An Introduction

A small architect firm or an engineering firm needs to be agile and extract the most productivity from their time and efforts invested in their firm. They need to use the best productivity tools and software to make their lives easier and finish more work in less time. But most of the time quite the opposite happens. An architect or an engineer who runs a small firm feels that customized software is expensive and they shouldn’t think about using it. That’s why they end up using a multiple of software which are not exact perfect solutions and which waste their time and reduce productivity.

I have mentioned below the Top 5 reasons why a small architect or engineering firm needs customized software which is effective and made by architects and engineers for architects and engineers:

1. Integrates multiple functions:

Instead of having separate systems to do separate work, having a integrated software which does all the work you need helps save your time and improve your efficiency. With Avant Manager, you can update your website, send proposals, document work, send emails, and manage cost and time and many other things within one system. The time saved helps you focus on your clients and increase your business

2. Specific requirements:

Most off the shelf software don’t have customizations required for architect or engineering firms. They are general software that can be used for any business. This then doesn’t give you a holistic approach. Having software like Avant Manager which is built by architects and engineers for architects and engineers helps as you then can focus on your work as the software solves your specific needs.

3. No wasting time between multiple software:

Sometimes small companies use a set of different partial software that helps them with some specific issues but not in an integrated way. With Avant Manager any size of architecture and engineering firm can benefit from an increased efficiency and productivity.

4. Getting an integrated view of your business to help in decision making:

Using an integrated productivity and management tool like Avant Manager helps you to get an integrated view of your business to help in decision making. It helps you understand where your time and money is getting spent and how to improve. It helps you get a Top level view of your whole business and see where you need to invest time and your resources.

5. Not expensive:

When you consider the time saved and the efficiency increased with Avant manager, you will realize that the tool is not at all expensive. In addition to that, Avant Manager caters to architects and engineers of all sizes. Since the software is cloud based and you can have the service customized as per your requirement, it is not very expensive.

With Avant Manager all the problems of excel sheets and multiple software disappear. You get more organized and you suddenly have more time and are more relaxed and can focus on what is important instead on mundane routine work.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can help you improve your productivity. 

Does your website “WOW” your customers and website visitors?

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An Introduction

A website is the first thing a person sees when they want to check your brand online. And when they visit your website what do they see? So they see the projects your architect or engineering firm has worked on in the past 2-3 months or do they see projects that you have worked on 3-5 years ago? Is your website updated? Have you added all the new pictures of the wonderful work you are doing? I’m sure you would love to but don’t have access to a website updating system. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a website updating system directly integrated into your management software?

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs a website updating tool as a part of their productivity or management software:

1. Fast and easy updating of pictures:  

When you have integrated website updating software, you just need to login to the right page and upload the new pictures of your projects and upcoming projects. You can also edit all the content that is there on your website to include new details.

2. No website designer required:

Software and website designers are expensive and cost hundreds if not thousands to make changes on your website. With Avant Manager’s website tool, you can directly make the changes on your own. Even without any HTML or code knowledge you can access the system and make the changes.

3. Automatic Website generation from project details added into the system: Avant Manager is able to generate the website of the architect or engineering firm automatically and update it permanently because the website is linked to the project database. Avant Manager automatically generates it with the information that the user has already introduced in the system about that project.

4. No website maintenance expenses: The website is automatically updated with the content from the project details, so you, as the architect or engineer don’t need to invest any additional resource in maintaining a website.

With Avant Manager all the problems of an old and obsolete website disappears. You can have an updated and ready website which is attractive and informative without even bothering to update the website on your own. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and money and more importantly will create an excellent impression on the website visitor.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can integrate your website into your management system. 

4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs a centralized contact base

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An Introduction

In today’s fast paced world, it is imperative that your firm has a shared and centralized knowledge base and has a centralized contact list. Having a CRM integrated into your management software is the most important thing you can do.

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect firm needs a centralized contact base:

1. No loss of data:

When you get a contact form or get contact details or get a business card from a potential client or a vendor, you either add it to your smart phone or keep it physically in a record. Now what happens if the software of the smart phone crashes, your phone gets stolen or the visiting card folder gets lost? You lose all those contacts. That’s one of the main reasons why you need to have an online system where once you have input the data it is never lost.

2. No duplication of data:

Does your team currently only have contact information on their phone or contact information in a excel sheet which is different on each person desktop? When you don’t have a common integrated contact management system, it happens sometimes that multiple associates from your firm may pitch to the same client of get in touch with the same person. To avoid this, it is better to have a centralized contact base where a person can check who exactly has been contacted.

3. No loss of data due to employee churn:In today’s world, employee churn is a normal thing. What happens when one of your associate decides to leave the company? How do you get in touch with the contacts he has made? A centralized contact list helps in that. Since you already have all the data in one place, you don’t have to worry that a person has quit the firm and all the contacts that the person has made over the past year is lost along with him.

4. Easy to access:Since all the contact details will be in one system, it will be easy to access. Even if an employee is on leave, you can still contact and get in touch with a required person.

With Avant Manager all these common problems disappear. Avant Manager has a shared contact data base. Whenever a team member is given a new contact, he just has to input these details into the management system and then any other team member too can access it. This helps tremendously as you then don’t need to re check for any resource or contact person and saves time.

In addition, one of the biggest advantages of the contact database of Avant manager is that it synchronizes with the smart phones and tablets of all the team members, so once they have added the contact details to the system, every employee can access that contact from their phones.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can best integrate your contact list into your management system. 

7 reasons why SaaS (Software as a Service) is a boon for Architect and Engineering Firms

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In the 21st century with the advent of the Internet and the ability to collaborate and work seamlessly across borders, the way software is used by architects and engineers is changing. And to meet this change and to support it, software too is changing.

There was a time in the not so distant past, when firms had to invest huge amounts of money on acquiring software. A lot of time and energy would go into devising and deciding on the modules of each software functionality. Add to that there would be time over runs. If that was not frustrating enough, there would be budget over runs.  And add to that, the fact that within a couple of years the same software which took so much time and money to design (time which you could invest in building your business and money which you could invest in marketing your architect or engineering firm), becomes obsolete.

Today, the B2B software landscape for engineers and architects has got a paradigm shift of focus and efficiency. With the coming of SAAS (software as a service) architect and engineering firms have a risk free alternate to increasing their efficiency. I have mentioned the Top 7 advantages below:

1. Lower costs: Since the software is pre-designed and you need to only pay a monthly fee, you don’t have to worry about high expenses. The software costs too are significantly lower than if you commissioned the software to be developed from scratch.

2. Faster Turnaround:Even your customizations as per your requirement have much faster turnaround time as the basic structure is already in place and it’s only the customizations that need to be worked on

3. Less to no bugs:Since the software is provided as a service, most of the bugs or code issues are already resolved and in case you encounter any, they are resolved much more quickly.

4. No Server costs: Since the software is in the cloud, your architect or engineering firm doesn’t need an expensive dedicated server at your office.

5. No expensive upfront costs:With this model, your architect or engineering firm doesn’t need to spend a lot of money to begin to work, you can just subscribe to the software you need.

6. No obsolescence worries:You don’t need to worry that you have taken a software service and after a year, you need an updated one. You are always provided with the latest version of the software.

7. Flexibility in using the service: Don’t like the plan? Cancel it. Like it and want more features? Ask for it, Want a lower plan? Get it. The biggest benefit of this model is that since there is no amortization cost involved, you can use the service as per your wish. If you don’t like the service, stop at the end of the month.

Avant Manager is based in the SaaS model, so the user doesn't have to invest any money acquiring any software, nor any server. He can try the software easily and he doesn't have any time commitment.

With Avant Manager it is easier than ever before to use software which systemizes your work, reduces cost and time spent and increases your productivity. To understand how you can run Avant Manager’s SaaS based software for your firm, request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here