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What if your software wrote your emails for you?

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An Introduction

Email is one of the most intensively used tool in an architecture or engineering firm.

Almost anything we do, we have to send it by email. Every time we send an economic proposal, an invoice, a document with a portfolio of projects for a client, etc we have to write it and then send it via email.

Every time we write an email, we spent time in writing it. Most of the content in the email is repetitive and can easily be replicated.

Avant Manager helps the architect or the engineer reduce the time invested in email writing. It has a template system that allows the user to create and parameterize a set of different emails for several of the routine and repetitive tasks that he does during the day.

How does it work?

Avant Manager creates, writes and sends routine and repetitive emails automatically. This saves tremendous amounts of time.

The receiver of the email, in addition, won't realize that the email was a template because Avant manager will customize it according to the previous parameters that you would have set up.

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs an email auto-sending system as a part of their productivity or management software:

1. Faster emails:

When a potential client send a request and you reply with a quote or a proposal within minutes while your competition takes hours or days, how much more impressed will the prospective client be with you?

2. Save time:

An average person in corporate America today spends on an average 40 minutes per day writing email. Even if you can reduce your email sending time by 80% it is a significant amount of time saved which can be used to focus on other avenues of your business.

3. Fewer mistakes:

When you are sending out emails constantly, you tend to make mistakes in either the grammar or the spellings. In addition to that there is less structure to the email. When you use Avant Manager and our template system, since the content is pre-fed, there are much less mistakes and there is better structure to the email. Also all the emails are uniform which shows an organized firm.

4. Increased efficiency:

Since you will have saved a significant amount of time, you can focus that time on other aspects of your business like meeting clients, working on projects etc which will help to increase the efficiency and profits of your firm.

With Avant Manager all the problems of wasting time on repeated emails and drafting individual emails disappears. You can have pre-filled templates and just add the details and send out emails and quotes and proposals in a tenth of the time it took you earlier. You can use this time to then focus more on the important things in your business.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can get an automated email system to increase your productivity. 


Does your website “WOW” your customers and website visitors?

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An Introduction

A website is the first thing a person sees when they want to check your brand online. And when they visit your website what do they see? So they see the projects your architect or engineering firm has worked on in the past 2-3 months or do they see projects that you have worked on 3-5 years ago? Is your website updated? Have you added all the new pictures of the wonderful work you are doing? I’m sure you would love to but don’t have access to a website updating system. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a website updating system directly integrated into your management software?

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs a website updating tool as a part of their productivity or management software:

1. Fast and easy updating of pictures:  

When you have integrated website updating software, you just need to login to the right page and upload the new pictures of your projects and upcoming projects. You can also edit all the content that is there on your website to include new details.

2. No website designer required:

Software and website designers are expensive and cost hundreds if not thousands to make changes on your website. With Avant Manager’s website tool, you can directly make the changes on your own. Even without any HTML or code knowledge you can access the system and make the changes.

3. Automatic Website generation from project details added into the system: Avant Manager is able to generate the website of the architect or engineering firm automatically and update it permanently because the website is linked to the project database. Avant Manager automatically generates it with the information that the user has already introduced in the system about that project.

4. No website maintenance expenses: The website is automatically updated with the content from the project details, so you, as the architect or engineer don’t need to invest any additional resource in maintaining a website.

With Avant Manager all the problems of an old and obsolete website disappears. You can have an updated and ready website which is attractive and informative without even bothering to update the website on your own. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and money and more importantly will create an excellent impression on the website visitor.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can integrate your website into your management system. 

7 reasons why SaaS (Software as a Service) is a boon for Architect and Engineering Firms

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In the 21st century with the advent of the Internet and the ability to collaborate and work seamlessly across borders, the way software is used by architects and engineers is changing. And to meet this change and to support it, software too is changing.

There was a time in the not so distant past, when firms had to invest huge amounts of money on acquiring software. A lot of time and energy would go into devising and deciding on the modules of each software functionality. Add to that there would be time over runs. If that was not frustrating enough, there would be budget over runs.  And add to that, the fact that within a couple of years the same software which took so much time and money to design (time which you could invest in building your business and money which you could invest in marketing your architect or engineering firm), becomes obsolete.

Today, the B2B software landscape for engineers and architects has got a paradigm shift of focus and efficiency. With the coming of SAAS (software as a service) architect and engineering firms have a risk free alternate to increasing their efficiency. I have mentioned the Top 7 advantages below:

1. Lower costs: Since the software is pre-designed and you need to only pay a monthly fee, you don’t have to worry about high expenses. The software costs too are significantly lower than if you commissioned the software to be developed from scratch.

2. Faster Turnaround:Even your customizations as per your requirement have much faster turnaround time as the basic structure is already in place and it’s only the customizations that need to be worked on

3. Less to no bugs:Since the software is provided as a service, most of the bugs or code issues are already resolved and in case you encounter any, they are resolved much more quickly.

4. No Server costs: Since the software is in the cloud, your architect or engineering firm doesn’t need an expensive dedicated server at your office.

5. No expensive upfront costs:With this model, your architect or engineering firm doesn’t need to spend a lot of money to begin to work, you can just subscribe to the software you need.

6. No obsolescence worries:You don’t need to worry that you have taken a software service and after a year, you need an updated one. You are always provided with the latest version of the software.

7. Flexibility in using the service: Don’t like the plan? Cancel it. Like it and want more features? Ask for it, Want a lower plan? Get it. The biggest benefit of this model is that since there is no amortization cost involved, you can use the service as per your wish. If you don’t like the service, stop at the end of the month.

Avant Manager is based in the SaaS model, so the user doesn't have to invest any money acquiring any software, nor any server. He can try the software easily and he doesn't have any time commitment.

With Avant Manager it is easier than ever before to use software which systemizes your work, reduces cost and time spent and increases your productivity. To understand how you can run Avant Manager’s SaaS based software for your firm, request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here

Do you have a software system which supports your global brand?

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An Introduction

Has your architect or engineering firm become global?

Let’s check:

1. You have offices across the world in many major cities.

2. You are having revenues from many countries in multiple currencies

3. You have employees working across time zones

4. You have documents in various languages

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then congratulations, you are a global firm. But is your software supporting your global footprint?

I have mentioned below the Top 5 features that an architect or engineering firm which is global needs:

1. Cloud based:

Your software system should be cloud based so that you can access your data and work from anywhere in the world rather than just your office.

2. Integrated Data:

All your data should be integrated into one system so that you can access the data and make intelligent decisions from one single data source. In addition, if there are multiple excel sheets flying around, revisions and the most recent analysis capture becomes difficult. So you need a one stop, one input system that handles all your data.

3. Manage Multiple Firms and Offices:

Whether you are a multiple firm (franchisee or partnership) with another firm in that country or you have your own offices in another country, you need a management and data system which can be accessed by all the offices simultaneously. As a global brand this is a very important aspect as having people working from various time zones then impacts the productivity of the firm. In addition to that, one firm may not be open at the same time the other is due to different time zones so communication is difficult. Having integrated software solves that as the data is directly added in the system and the other team can check it independently.

4. Multiple Languages:

As a Global brand, you encounter certain countries which do business in only their language and English, may be a second language to them. This hampers work and communication which delays your decision making, creates problems for clients and increases non productive time by inputting data only after translations. To prevent that, a robust data management and productivity tool which you use should have the option of being in multiple languages.

5. Multiple Currencies:

Due to working in multiple currencies, you will face the issue of currency conversions, multiple tax formats and accounting. You need a system which can handle multiple currencies and can focus on getting you intelligent data like helping you understand various revenue sources of each country. This will help you make better decisions and will also help your team in that country as they don’t have the hassle of converting and adding the currencies. They add the expenses and revenues as per their local currency.

Avant Manager is prepared for the global environment as it allows your architect or engineering firm to manage multiples firms, multiple offices, multiple languages, multiple time zones and multiple currencies, etc.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can run an efficient Global firm using Avant Manager. 

Top 3 Advantages for an Architect/Engineering firm to use an Integrated Data system

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An Introduction

Integrated Data systems, the name itself sounds so complicated that you would want to stop reading it immediately. And as an architect or an engineering firm, you feel that you don’t really need it.

Let’s check if you do.

Do you use excel sheets for:

1. A list of clients

2. Another excel sheet as a list of projects

3. Yet, another as a list of economic proposals

4. Yet, another as a list of invoices

5. Yet, another as a time sheet to control times

6. Yet, another to control costs

I guess if you are not using software (Like Avant Manager), your answer here would be YES.

The problem which arises is that, when you are using excel sheets, all these excel sheets are unrelated to each other and do not share any information, so the team member have to write again and again the same information in different excel sheets. It sometimes creates inconsistencies, duplications, etc.

The major problems with not having all your data integrated in single software are:

1. Extra work and waste of time:

If the same data is repeatedly added into a different excel sheet then the input time is wasted. That time could have been used productively in other productive activities.

2. Inconsistencies and mistakes in the data:

When you are putting in the same data in other data sheets, you may have noticed that many times, data is added in wrong columns, the data doesn’t match, etc. This is due to human error. By using an integrated data system where you input data just once, you don’t need to worry about inconsistencies and rather focus on the use of the data.

3. No sharing of information across data due to which you can’t make data driven intelligent decisions:

If you have separate lists of projects, proposals and clients, you will not be able to take data driven decisions as to which client is the best in terms of revenue, how much time is spent on which activity, which proposals are converting, etc. When you have all your data in one system, the data “talks” to each other and you get a much better insight into your business and you understand how you can improve it, where the drawbacks are and how to increase your productivity, sales and profit.

To solve this, Avant Manager, software created by Architects and Engineers for Architects and Engineers uses a single data base, where the user only introduces the data once and in a single place and all the information gets related to the other so you have maximum productivity.

With Avant Manager, a cloud based software, we help you reduce your non-productive time and have all your data at one place. This helps you take intelligent decisions and make maximum use of your data.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can save time and money and make smarter decisions with an integrated data system.