Often, architects and engineers conclude that their firms need to evolve. That they should make changes. But change always causes fear.

Among the reasons that companies give not to address these changes we find:
1) Fear of the unknown: The lack of absolute certainty about the result they will get with a change, refrains them to perform that change. Even when the negative results of not performing the change are well known.

2) Lack of time: Many companies wait to make changes until they have more time to implement them. But that day never comes. They don't realize that evolution and change should be an always ongoing process in the company.
3) Lack of money: Often this argument is used without ever having done a study on costs and benefits of the change to make. Simply discarded because it has a cost, regardless of whether the benefit is much greater.

Avant Manager helps architects and engineers to minimize the fear of change that involves the adoption of a better system of management in his office, because:
1) The new user always decides to implant Avant Manager in his office after a previous trial period without any commitment, while he gets to know the system and evaluates the benefits he will get with it.
2) Avant Manager does not need a long learning period of time, but the user starts working with it from day one. Four training sessions of 2-3 hours are enough to learn to use all the services provided by the platform.
3) Avant Manager does not require any investment to implement it, since it is a monthly subscription service, such as an ADSL or a mobile phone.

With Avant Manager, architects and engineers can carry out the evolution they want in the management of his office without uncertainties, quickly and without implementation costs.