Currently architects and engineers, focused much of their efforts to designing sustainable and efficient buildings.
However, when it comes to the internal management of the architectural and engineering firms that design these buildings, there is often an interesting space for improvement in relation to the " efficiency and sustainability " in which operations are performed in these businesses.
According to a study developed by Avant Manager, many companies in this sector invest excessive time of their employees on non-productive tasks, a fact which makes them less competitive and less profitable than it might actually be.

Extreme cases such as a company in which a person invests 5 or 6 hours to prepare an economic proposal and a list of projects undertaken by the company, to be submitted to a particular request for proposals, are completely unsustainable today considering that these two tasks could be done in just 2 minutes with Avant Manager.
These results reveal a possibility ignored by many companies in this sector about how to increase their profitability, efficiency and sustainability, without having to deal with drastic changes in their infrastructure, simply with the help of the integrated management software for architecture and engineering firms, Avant Manager .