Bogged down with work and more often than not exhausted before the day is over? Have a hundred things to do but no time for it?

As technology evolves and systems becomes increasingly complex, engineers across the country are having a tough time coping with work and are constantly looking for ways to stay productive. It is a matter of survival.

We have compiled the Top 4 mechanisms to improve your productivity as an engineer.

Be clear of your purpose

It is assumed that if a project is easier to understand, it will be easier to execute. It is also assumed that the smaller the project is, the easier it is to understand. Therefore, to improve the productivity it is important to understand the purpose or objective behind the project which you are undertaking.

Everything you write, any text—emails, messages, reports, summaries, drafts—will somehow condition your productivity. In one way or the other, these are texts that you will have to communicate, use as working material or revise in the future. The way they are drafted can cause confusion, misunderstandings, or force you to redo part of the work.


Though looking at the big picture and understanding is important, the main thing while execution is synthesizing all the small components of the project together. Engineers do not build large super-complex systems out of nothing. In fact, they build small components, modules, blocks, etc., which are then combined to form a larger and much more impressive system. Synthesizing means to build a whole by understanding and working on combining its various parts.

Similarly, you should not try to achieve large goals all at once. This can seem very large in scope and very overwhelming. Think about sets of steps, actions and small projects that will then be combined to achieve impressive goals. You could also check our Project Managertool for inspiration.


There is a motto in the world of engineering, summarized by the acronym DRY, which stands for “Don’t repeat yourself”.

Understand the requirements and the project that you had done in Step 1 goes a long way and nowhere have you seen its use better than in re-using. Once you know what the entire project entails, the typical thing to do is to reuse parts from previous designs that perfectly fit into the current one, or that need only minor changes to become perfectly valid. The procedures and functions allow you to reuse the same designs with different parameters.


Something that every engineer has deeply assimilated is the need to search for ways to replace dull, heavy and repetitive tasks with automated systems that enable us to save time and gain accuracy.

Automation often involves the use of new tools that can make your work easier. We at Avant Manager help by providing tools which can help you complete your work more efficiently in a faster manner.

The tools in our toolbox which help are:

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