As an engineer or an architect, you are bogged down with work and literally have no time and too much hassle to handle projects, interact with clients, and focus on design and other issues. Wouldn’t it be great to have software which puts an end to all your project management? Wouldn’t it be great to have project management software which is easy to use, customizable to your requirement and cost effective? We plan to give you that via our Project Manager software.

The main four areas we help you in are:

1. Email:We help you make sure that all the emails of economic proposals, invoices, etc that you sent related to a project are in one management system and you don’t have to go hunting when you need a past email for reference.

2. Proposals: We ensure that you have all your proposals ready in the Avant Manager system so that you can send out proposals in literally one minute thus saving hours of your time

3. Invoices:All your invoices with the due dates and pending time are in once place to make sure that all invoices are sent and its fees received, you have reminders of every due invoice and all the details of the invoice are easy to access and up to date.

4. Contracted services:  We help you to be abreast of all the jobs that have been contracted regarding each project, which of them were subcontracted, which amount has already been invoiced of each one, and how much has been produced for each one.

5. Log book:This is a great tool to record information related to the project. You can have an up to date status of what exactly is happening in the project. Calls made, calls received, client requests, status of the request, comments, etc.

6. List of stake holders:We maintain a list of people related to the project for you. That could be the various stakeholders. This helps in reaching any third part related to the project without having to invest too much time to know who is who in a project and to get the contact data of each one in real time.

7. Time invested: You can also log and record time invested by each team member. This helps manage the human resources of the firm and also helps understand where there is a loss of time and productivity.

8. Cost Management:Avant Manager also calculates the cost of each project, from wages and other expenses. This includes the current cost and the anticipated cost of the program, the margins earned and its percentage, the current production and most importantly, the profit per project and of the firm. All these activities happen in real time.

9. Customizable Templates:We have a special set up which helps you insert content and graphic images into the corporate resumes or your website to easily manage your content. This also comes in multiple languages. 

10. Real Time and Anywhere access:Since our software is cloud based, you can manage and access your project in real time from anywhere across the world 

Do these services sound interesting? Do you think they will help you improve your work and increase your productivity? Why don’t you get in touch with us for a free no-obligation consultation on how we can help you increase your productivity in a cost effective manner. Click here to get in touch.