An Introduction

Are you constantly busy at work? Are your clients being billed but you realize that over 50% of your time goes in unbilled work? Is your work-life balance being affected? Then you need to check if you are spending too much time on unbilled, routine work and find ways how to reduce it.

We, at Avant Manager realized that most architects and engineers spend a lot of their time (sometimes above 50%) on routine work rather than on work that they can bill the client for. To solve this problem, we built Avant Manager, the specific management software for architects and engineers.

Read below to check if you are actually spending more time on non-productive work rather than productive work:

1. Type of work: How much of your time goes in work like preparing Economic proposals, Invoices, portfolios of projects to show your expertise, etc? If the time you spend in office includes even 20-30% of these type of activities, that is 20-30% of time you could have used to build clients.

2. Billed-Non-Billed Work Ratio:What is your billed/non-billed work ration? This is easy to find out. Just check on an average how many hours you work in a week and compare it to the number of hours billed that week. Getting the number of hours billed is easy as you register it with the client. Getting your number of hours worked can be used by checking what time you reach office and what time you leave (logs if possible) and keeping an hour out for breaks, etc.

3. What are the non-productive activities that take most time:Make a list and assign time the next time you do it. From our experience we have seen that preparing Economic proposals, Invoices, portfolios of projects to show your expertise, etc take a significant amount of time.

The benefits of focusing on productive work (billed work) rather than non-productive (non-billed) work:

1. Produce more projects: This means that you can produce more projects during the same time. You can focus on and work on more projects or have more time to give creative and better output to your clients. Since this is billed time, you will increase your revenues with this activity.

2. Invest more time in acquiring new customers: With the time that you have saved in non-productive activity, you can utilize it in focusing on getting new clients. This will help you increase your client base and your revenue.

With Avant Manager, a cloud based software, you can significantly reduce the time you are working on non-productive work and increase your productivity and income.  Avant Manager helps you do the nonproductive tasks in seconds, so you can focus on the productive tasks, the ones that adds value to the firm's work.

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