An Introduction

Integrated Data systems, the name itself sounds so complicated that you would want to stop reading it immediately. And as an architect or an engineering firm, you feel that you don’t really need it.

Let’s check if you do.

Do you use excel sheets for:

1. A list of clients

2. Another excel sheet as a list of projects

3. Yet, another as a list of economic proposals

4. Yet, another as a list of invoices

5. Yet, another as a time sheet to control times

6. Yet, another to control costs

I guess if you are not using software (Like Avant Manager), your answer here would be YES.

The problem which arises is that, when you are using excel sheets, all these excel sheets are unrelated to each other and do not share any information, so the team member have to write again and again the same information in different excel sheets. It sometimes creates inconsistencies, duplications, etc.

The major problems with not having all your data integrated in single software are:

1. Extra work and waste of time:

If the same data is repeatedly added into a different excel sheet then the input time is wasted. That time could have been used productively in other productive activities.

2. Inconsistencies and mistakes in the data:

When you are putting in the same data in other data sheets, you may have noticed that many times, data is added in wrong columns, the data doesn’t match, etc. This is due to human error. By using an integrated data system where you input data just once, you don’t need to worry about inconsistencies and rather focus on the use of the data.

3. No sharing of information across data due to which you can’t make data driven intelligent decisions:

If you have separate lists of projects, proposals and clients, you will not be able to take data driven decisions as to which client is the best in terms of revenue, how much time is spent on which activity, which proposals are converting, etc. When you have all your data in one system, the data “talks” to each other and you get a much better insight into your business and you understand how you can improve it, where the drawbacks are and how to increase your productivity, sales and profit.

To solve this, Avant Manager, software created by Architects and Engineers for Architects and Engineers uses a single data base, where the user only introduces the data once and in a single place and all the information gets related to the other so you have maximum productivity.

With Avant Manager, a cloud based software, we help you reduce your non-productive time and have all your data at one place. This helps you take intelligent decisions and make maximum use of your data.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can save time and money and make smarter decisions with an integrated data system.