An Introduction

Has your architect or engineering firm become global?

Let’s check:

1. You have offices across the world in many major cities.

2. You are having revenues from many countries in multiple currencies

3. You have employees working across time zones

4. You have documents in various languages

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then congratulations, you are a global firm. But is your software supporting your global footprint?

I have mentioned below the Top 5 features that an architect or engineering firm which is global needs:

1. Cloud based:

Your software system should be cloud based so that you can access your data and work from anywhere in the world rather than just your office.

2. Integrated Data:

All your data should be integrated into one system so that you can access the data and make intelligent decisions from one single data source. In addition, if there are multiple excel sheets flying around, revisions and the most recent analysis capture becomes difficult. So you need a one stop, one input system that handles all your data.

3. Manage Multiple Firms and Offices:

Whether you are a multiple firm (franchisee or partnership) with another firm in that country or you have your own offices in another country, you need a management and data system which can be accessed by all the offices simultaneously. As a global brand this is a very important aspect as having people working from various time zones then impacts the productivity of the firm. In addition to that, one firm may not be open at the same time the other is due to different time zones so communication is difficult. Having integrated software solves that as the data is directly added in the system and the other team can check it independently.

4. Multiple Languages:

As a Global brand, you encounter certain countries which do business in only their language and English, may be a second language to them. This hampers work and communication which delays your decision making, creates problems for clients and increases non productive time by inputting data only after translations. To prevent that, a robust data management and productivity tool which you use should have the option of being in multiple languages.

5. Multiple Currencies:

Due to working in multiple currencies, you will face the issue of currency conversions, multiple tax formats and accounting. You need a system which can handle multiple currencies and can focus on getting you intelligent data like helping you understand various revenue sources of each country. This will help you make better decisions and will also help your team in that country as they don’t have the hassle of converting and adding the currencies. They add the expenses and revenues as per their local currency.

Avant Manager is prepared for the global environment as it allows your architect or engineering firm to manage multiples firms, multiple offices, multiple languages, multiple time zones and multiple currencies, etc.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can run an efficient Global firm using Avant Manager.