An Introduction

A website is the first thing a person sees when they want to check your brand online. And when they visit your website what do they see? So they see the projects your architect or engineering firm has worked on in the past 2-3 months or do they see projects that you have worked on 3-5 years ago? Is your website updated? Have you added all the new pictures of the wonderful work you are doing? I’m sure you would love to but don’t have access to a website updating system. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a website updating system directly integrated into your management software?

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs a website updating tool as a part of their productivity or management software:

1. Fast and easy updating of pictures:  

When you have integrated website updating software, you just need to login to the right page and upload the new pictures of your projects and upcoming projects. You can also edit all the content that is there on your website to include new details.

2. No website designer required:

Software and website designers are expensive and cost hundreds if not thousands to make changes on your website. With Avant Manager’s website tool, you can directly make the changes on your own. Even without any HTML or code knowledge you can access the system and make the changes.

3. Automatic Website generation from project details added into the system: Avant Manager is able to generate the website of the architect or engineering firm automatically and update it permanently because the website is linked to the project database. Avant Manager automatically generates it with the information that the user has already introduced in the system about that project.

4. No website maintenance expenses: The website is automatically updated with the content from the project details, so you, as the architect or engineer don’t need to invest any additional resource in maintaining a website.

With Avant Manager all the problems of an old and obsolete website disappears. You can have an updated and ready website which is attractive and informative without even bothering to update the website on your own. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and money and more importantly will create an excellent impression on the website visitor.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can integrate your website into your management system.