An Introduction

A small architect firm or an engineering firm needs to be agile and extract the most productivity from their time and efforts invested in their firm. They need to use the best productivity tools and software to make their lives easier and finish more work in less time. But most of the time quite the opposite happens. An architect or an engineer who runs a small firm feels that customized software is expensive and they shouldn’t think about using it. That’s why they end up using a multiple of software which are not exact perfect solutions and which waste their time and reduce productivity.

I have mentioned below the Top 5 reasons why a small architect or engineering firm needs customized software which is effective and made by architects and engineers for architects and engineers:

1. Integrates multiple functions:

Instead of having separate systems to do separate work, having a integrated software which does all the work you need helps save your time and improve your efficiency. With Avant Manager, you can update your website, send proposals, document work, send emails, and manage cost and time and many other things within one system. The time saved helps you focus on your clients and increase your business

2. Specific requirements:

Most off the shelf software don’t have customizations required for architect or engineering firms. They are general software that can be used for any business. This then doesn’t give you a holistic approach. Having software like Avant Manager which is built by architects and engineers for architects and engineers helps as you then can focus on your work as the software solves your specific needs.

3. No wasting time between multiple software:

Sometimes small companies use a set of different partial software that helps them with some specific issues but not in an integrated way. With Avant Manager any size of architecture and engineering firm can benefit from an increased efficiency and productivity.

4. Getting an integrated view of your business to help in decision making:

Using an integrated productivity and management tool like Avant Manager helps you to get an integrated view of your business to help in decision making. It helps you understand where your time and money is getting spent and how to improve. It helps you get a Top level view of your whole business and see where you need to invest time and your resources.

5. Not expensive:

When you consider the time saved and the efficiency increased with Avant manager, you will realize that the tool is not at all expensive. In addition to that, Avant Manager caters to architects and engineers of all sizes. Since the software is cloud based and you can have the service customized as per your requirement, it is not very expensive.

With Avant Manager all the problems of excel sheets and multiple software disappear. You get more organized and you suddenly have more time and are more relaxed and can focus on what is important instead on mundane routine work.

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