An Introduction

Email is one of the most intensively used tool in an architecture or engineering firm.

Almost anything we do, we have to send it by email. Every time we send an economic proposal, an invoice, a document with a portfolio of projects for a client, etc we have to write it and then send it via email.

Every time we write an email, we spent time in writing it. Most of the content in the email is repetitive and can easily be replicated.

Avant Manager helps the architect or the engineer reduce the time invested in email writing. It has a template system that allows the user to create and parameterize a set of different emails for several of the routine and repetitive tasks that he does during the day.

How does it work?

Avant Manager creates, writes and sends routine and repetitive emails automatically. This saves tremendous amounts of time.

The receiver of the email, in addition, won't realize that the email was a template because Avant manager will customize it according to the previous parameters that you would have set up.

I have mentioned below the Top 4 reasons why an architect or engineering firm needs an email auto-sending system as a part of their productivity or management software:

1. Faster emails:

When a potential client send a request and you reply with a quote or a proposal within minutes while your competition takes hours or days, how much more impressed will the prospective client be with you?

2. Save time:

An average person in corporate America today spends on an average 40 minutes per day writing email. Even if you can reduce your email sending time by 80% it is a significant amount of time saved which can be used to focus on other avenues of your business.

3. Fewer mistakes:

When you are sending out emails constantly, you tend to make mistakes in either the grammar or the spellings. In addition to that there is less structure to the email. When you use Avant Manager and our template system, since the content is pre-fed, there are much less mistakes and there is better structure to the email. Also all the emails are uniform which shows an organized firm.

4. Increased efficiency:

Since you will have saved a significant amount of time, you can focus that time on other aspects of your business like meeting clients, working on projects etc which will help to increase the efficiency and profits of your firm.

With Avant Manager all the problems of wasting time on repeated emails and drafting individual emails disappears. You can have pre-filled templates and just add the details and send out emails and quotes and proposals in a tenth of the time it took you earlier. You can use this time to then focus more on the important things in your business.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation from Avant Manager here and understand how you can get an automated email system to increase your productivity.