About us

Avant Manager is a software that was born from the professional needs of its creators, a team of engineers who decided to add know-how and create our own studio in 2003. In 2008, we realized that we needed management software to help us manage our business more efficiently. Avant Manager started as an internal tool after we established that there was no management system specifically for engineering and architecture studies on the market, but only general tools that did not fit our needs.

When in 2012 a couple of architecture / engineering firms told us that they would like to implement Avant Manager in their organizations, we realized its great potential to help other firms with our 100% specialized tool.

Thus, what was born as an internal tool, soon became a market product and in 2013 we sold the first Avant Manager license. And here we are, a few years later, dedicating ourselves exclusively to the development, improvement and commercialization of this software that has become the benchmark in our sector, with clients in different countries and with a growing number of projects.

It is clear to us: we are engineers and architects at the service of other colleagues in the sector. We know what you need and we give you real answers and solutions.

Socios Fundadores de Avant Manager

Image of the founding partners of Avant Manager