Our management software is a multi-language, multi-company, multi-country, multi-currency and multi-time zone platform, designed to be used by companies with headquarters in several countries and operating in several languages. Avant Manager offers you a system that you will share in all your offices to be able to access documentation, databases, projects, agendas, chats, and more regardless of where you are at the moment.
If you are an architect or engineer, you gain time, money, control and team coordination from the first minute. With a management software specialized in architecture and engineering that responds to your true needs.
No. Avant Manager has a simple and intuitive interface so that you can use it easily from the start. In addition, you will have the constant support from our team of professionals, who will attend you personally by phone or videoconference.
Architecture and engineering firms manage a vast amount of information as well as different projects. Storing all the documentation in traditional systems, with physical supports, comes with a risk: the danger of losing it due to a computer failure of the system. The solution is to work connected to the cloud – cloud storage-, a virtual storage space that eliminates this risk and allows us to access information safely and from anywhere.
Yes, Avant Manager is compatible with all operating systems currently on the market. It is not an impediment for firms that work with Windows, MAC OS, Android, IOS, etc. to perform their tasks.
As soon as you send us your request through the form https://avantmanager.com/en/contact, we will quickly contact you, solve your doubts and give you a personalized online demonstration so that you know how Avant Manager can improve the organization of your studio. In 24 hours, you will have the service activated. In 1 week, you will have completed the training and then you will have Avant Manager working at full capacity in your office. In addition, you will have technical and commercial support to answer any questions.

Yes. Professional management software like Avant Manager is often thought to be designed for deployment only in large organizations. Nothing is further from reality! Our system was created by engineers and architects who perfectly know the needs of the sector, both of large organizations and those of the small architecture / engineering firms. Avant Manager democratizes management software, becomes the perfect assistant for offices of any size and takes quality control to a new level.

No. We work from the cloud, and the implementation of AM does not affect or require any changes to neither your system nor computer equipment.
No. Avant Manager is paid with a monthly fee, without any initial investment.
No. You can cancel the service whenever you want without any penalty. But we are sure that once you try it, you will no longer want to do without Avant Manager!
No. By subscribing to your license you will always have access to the most up-to-date version of Avant Manager and you will enjoy the latest improvements and newest utilities.
Yes. To get to know us better, we will give you a free personalized demonstration of our management software specialized in architecture and engineering. The objective of the demo is that you can see and ask all the details you want about Avant Manager in order to make an informed decision.
The relationship with our clients is one of proximity and trust. In using Avant Manager you will not talk to a machine or an answering machine. Our team will be at your disposal from the first moment, by phone or videoconference: to prepare a personalized demonstration, clarify any doubts, put the system into operation quickly in your studio and be by your side so that you get the most out of it.
You can answer this question yourself: with our management software you will save time to dedicate to your projects and clients and, in addition, it will also help you to organize your commercial negotiations. The value of the time you will save with Avant Manager will be much higher than what you will pay for our management software. When you see the Avant Manager demo, you will have a very clear idea of the time you will save. Therefore, you will see precisely how profitable it will be to implement it in your studio.
Yes. With Avant Manager it will be as if you were carrying your studio in your pocket. From your device you will be able to access different utilities and information that will make it easier for you to work remotely, and the contact with your colleagues will be permanent.
Undoubtably! Nowadays, that our company has an ERP, a CRM or Business Intelligence tools is almost mandatory if we want to be competitive in the current market. Avant Manager is the sum of all of them (and much more!) Moreover, it is one hundred percent specialized in the architecture and engineering sector. A management software that, without overloading your computer system, offers you hundreds of utilities that will make your work routine much easier, more agile and safer, without duplications or errors, and providing statistics, KPIs and dashboards so that you can make the best decisions.
At Avant Manager we work with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, that is, a software solution in the cloud, which you can access whenever and wherever you need it. Apart from that, there are no initial investment costs or implementation costs, so you will always enjoy the most recent version of the system without committing to anything permanent.