What our customers say about Avant Manager.

Artur Ortiz, Managing Director
Barcelona-Valencia-París-London-Ciudad de México-New York

Barcelona-Valencia-Paris-London-Mexico City-New York
Avant Manager is a specific computer tool for architecture and engineering firms that helps us manage our national and international projects more efficiently, involving the entire organization in a transversal way to achieve our objectives.

Artur Ortiz, Managing Director - GRUP IDEA
Alvar Cortada, President
Phiba – Philadelphia (USA)

Since we implemented Avant Manager in the office, we have absolute control of the economy of the projects. Monitoring expenses and hours dedicated, added to the automation of recurring tasks, helps us to optimize time and reduce expenses. We clearly recommend the use of this platform.

Alvar Cortada, Alvar Cortada
Mauricio Mendez, Founding Partner
MM-AC – Santiago (Chile)

Avant Manager has allowed us to manage all the administrative, accounting and documentary information of each of the projects under development in an orderly and secure way, which frees up valuable time to dedicate to creation and design.

Mauricio Mendez, MM-AC
Elisabet Faura, Partner Architect
Altura – Andorra La Vella (Andorra)

Avant Manager is the first thing I open in the office and the last thing I close. It gives me peace of mind to have an economic vision of each project in real time. It is a very intuitive tool that provides order and planning. The maintenance service is excellent, with very fast response times.

Elisabet Faura, Altura
Joan Munné, CEO
Coldsulting – Barcelona

AM has given us order, control and agility in all the organizational phases of a project, from its registration to its invoicing. In addition, its video tutorials help us to be informed of all the new features that are being incorporated.

Joan Munné
Eva Crispín, Founding Partner
Inpar Crispin – Valencia

Avant Manager was a great find. For us, it is one more member of the team. Even today, 6 years later, no matter when our studio grows and declines depending on the market, we always have Avant Manager. At times, my partner and I look at each other and say: “Thank goodness we found Avant Manager!”

Eva Crispín
José María Blázquez, Architect Partner
Urbana – Girona

I implemented AM in 2015. The ease and security that it gives you to manage a large number of projects at the same time, with true control of project documents, time allocated, fee offers, invoicing, and so on, as well as knowing their real cost, is the best investment I have ever made.

José María Blázquez
Angel Negredo, Partner-Executive Director
GAC – Barcelona

It’s too bad I didn’t install it earlier. AM has allowed us to improve management (costs, margins, production, billing, collections, and equipment planning). It’s very agile, easy to implement and the different departments are delighted (designers, works, administration, sales and management).

Angel Negredo
Pablo García, Co-Founder Partner
Cartonlab – Murcia

With more than a thousand files per year, having a tool on the network that can concentrate the management of the data and information flow of all of them, shared by the team members and with all the automatisms in continuous improvement that Avant Manager offers, is a luxury that far exceeds the price of your quota.

Pablo García
Guillermo Reynés, Director
Gras Arquitectos – Palma de Mallorca – Madrid

Avant Manager is an application that has allowed our team to maintain rigorous control over the efficiency of their work and to carry out good management in each of their projects. It has helped improve team control, organization and workload.

Guillermo Reynés
Francisco Chacón, CEO-Director
Impulsa – Badajoz

Avant Manager adapts to our way of thinking. Thanks to Avant Manager we have been able to coordinate, plan and monitor the status of all our projects, allowing fluid and instant communication at all levels of the company: commercial, production and administration.

Francisco Chacón
Felipe Vieites, Administrator
2GV – Barcelona

It has helped us to continuously and consistently improve our daily management. Additionally, it has become the best tool to analyse and manage business opportunities and visualize, in real time, all relevant aspects of our company.

Felipe Vieites
Jaime Pérez, CEO-Executive Director
Moai – Alicante

Discovering Avant Manager has been a before and after in office management. We went from having a total lack of control of all areas to having everything centralized and fully controlled. We save a lot of time on automatable tasks and, with it, a lot of money on a monthly basis. 100% recomendable!

Jaime Pérez


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