What can AM do for you?

Avant Manager is a management software only and exclusively for the architecture and engineering sector. We want you to save time and money from the start. How? By delegating administrative and routine tasks to a system that will do the work for you, quickly, efficiently and without errors.
A software that is in the cloud, that will not force you to change anything in your computer system, and that is paid month by month, without any initial investment and without a permanent contract. With Avant Manager you will increase the productivity of your team without having to pay more payroll.


With the Avant Manager CRM tool for customer management, we will be able to easily monitor the commercial actions implemented, identify the new customers obtained and suggest what next steps should be taken … We will have all the companies classified according to their status of “acquisition” or loyalty towards our office… In addition, you will have all of your Avant Manager contacts synchronized with your mobile phone book. And with the CRM Pipeline tool you will also be able to forecast potential future income based on the probability of acquisition that you assign to each potential client, project and proposal.

Avant Manager incorporates a tool that will help you comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation. Every time you add a new contact to Avant Manager, the system will ask you if you want to send, via email, a request for consent for the processing of personal data, based on a template that you have previously prepared. When your client receives your request, they will only have to use the Accept button or the Reject button.
If you accept, your consent will be recorded in the database. If you reject, the system will proceed to delete your personal data from the database so that you do not violate the regulations. In addition, the system will control pending responses so that you can send a reminder notice when you see fit.

With this function, you will be able to allow your clients to access documentation regarding the project you are developing for them. You define which sections and information they can consult on. This provides transparency to your client and is time efficient.

MailChimp is an online tool widely used for sending communications to contacts in your databases. The synchronization tool within the MailChimp service can associate a series of contacts for a new company with a simple click of a button once it is introduced to Avant Manager system. This action adds the contacts to a distribution list, all without having to log in. This allows us to have our MailChimp database efficiently updated and organized in a timely manner and enables us to send commercial newsletters and other communications to whoever we want.


Avant Manager offers a very easy-to-use tool that groups, orders and details all the information related to project management: fee offer, contracted works, subcontracts, invoices issued and received, linked team, e-mails, group chat of the project, time invested, costs and margins, historical record of actions implemented, assignment of tasks, photos, planning…

Our management software for architecture and engineering firms also includes a space for interaction and coordination with the team. An internal news wall, task management, paperwork management or the chat application, for example, allow us to be permanently connected to streamline coordination with other professionals, optimize time and dedication, and guarantee the best result for our clients.

With Avant Manager, improve the coordination of your team: you can assign tasks to other professionals, they can assign tasks to you, you can set due dates, link tasks to a specific project, open conversation threads, and so on. In short, you achieve better communication and efficiency of your team.

Organizing time correctly is vital to your studio effectiveness. With Avant Manager you can define start and end dates for each job in each project and analyse, through Gantt charts, the workload at all times; and you can also define deadlines and the maximum time to invest in for each of the subtasks of a project.

In engineering and architecture firms, it is common to have to prepare personalized project résumés to present to a specific client or contest. Avant Manager can generate project listings filtered by any imaginable parameter in a matter of seconds, and create a pdf document with a cover with the corporate image of our office, an introduction and the list of projects and images that we are interested in including in the portfolio. In addition, with just one click we can choose the language in which we prepare the documentation because AM is made for multi-language and multi-company users.

For some time now, keeping track of employees’ hours has been mandatory. Avant Manager includes a tool so that your team of professionals can sign in at the beginning and end of the working day, very easily and from anywhere. Also, this makes it possible to control hours to be compensated, overtime, etc.

This is a tool for team coordination through a digital dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere. Kanban boards are an effective way for each member of the team to be clear about what activities they must carry out at all times and what their priority is. In addition, the actions in progress, those that are waiting as well as those that have already been completed, are displayed. Save time and increase the efficiency of your team.

To work efficiently and at an adequate pace, it is necessary to organize the different tasks of the projects of our architecture or engineering office so as to avoid periods of time in which too much work accumulates for some or low task planning for others. With Gantt charts you will be able to see the jobs that have been taken on for each project and generate a visual and intuitive graph that will allow you to analyse whether the jobs are correctly distributed over time, as well as overseeing the progress of each member of your team.

Avant Manager goes one step further to facilitate the storage and organization of our projects by connecting the program with the company’s Dropbox, One Drive or Google Drive account. Dropbox, One Drive or Google Drive become the connection interface between your local server and our cloud management software.

Thanks to the connection with Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive, every time the user creates a new project in Avant Manager, the corresponding folder is automatically created on the server, as well as all the subfolders and templates that have previously been defined. The e-mails will be automatically saved in their corresponding project. Therefore, you will be able to select documentation to be attached to an e-mail automatically, all offers for fees, invoices, etc. will be automatically stored in the corresponding folders on your server.

When you create a project in Avant Manager and enter an address, the system geolocates it, and through its link with the Virtual Cadastre Office (Spain), it allows you to quickly and easily obtain the cadastral reference of the plot, and all the references of the private units it contains.

You will be able to easily control the time that each professional has invested in a specific project, ensure that the hours dedicated correspond to the forecast of deadlines and billing, and know the cost of each project regarding time and money. Each professional on the team will be able to easily record -from the office or from their smartphone- the time that he dedicates to each task of the project.


Avant Manager allows us to have control over the figures and data of each project. We will have at our disposal, in real time, costs, profit margins, production and billing in detail: fees contracted for each of the projects to be carried out, expenses derived from hours invested, other associated expenses and tickets, invoices received, subcontracts, orders …

Financial Manager helps us keep financial control over the firm. At any time we have updated economic information on all the projects that we have at that moment: total fees, subcontracted amounts, amounts produced, invoiced and pending, invoices issued and pending collection, information about the client…

Financial Manager also offers monthly financial statements for the last 12 months, with the amounts offered, contracted, subcontracted, produced and invoiced, as well as balance sheets and a cash flow forecast for the next 12 months.

The number of invoices that we issue is not synonymous with the actual production and its associated benefits. Avant Manager offers a very fast and intuitive tool that accurately displays real monthly production of the office, regardless of variance in billing or hours worked. The application will show a list of all the projects that have been worked on each month, the hours invested in them, as well as the percentage of work achieved which allows us to know the specific economic amount actually produced each month.

In the field of engineering and architecture, it is essential to have specific and detailed economic information. Avant Manager generates various reports (annual, production, clients, projects), with the action of the managers –which projects they have led, fees, clients, and revenue produced… -; Along with this, we will collect data on all the jobs offered, and projects invoiced; Which will include the profiles of the clients – which projects have contracted us, fees, invoices … -; and costs of the projects we have been working on…

With your previously Template parameters, you will be able to generate Fees Proposals almost automatically. You will enter the project data, select the jobs to be quoted and the general conditions, choose the recipient… and Avant Manager will automatically generate an e-mail addressed to your client, with a personalized text including the complete proposal attached in pdf format.

With Avant Manager, making and sending an invoice will take just a few seconds. Our management software selects the client’s data, the invoice number and date, shows us what we have pending invoices, and automatically writes the invoice text once we have selected the concepts. It will then create a pdf document and attach it to an email. The email will be addressed to our client, with a personalized subject and text. In addition, it will indicate the confirmation of the receipt by the client.

This is a digital space that you share with your suppliers so that registering their invoices is faster and more secure than traditional e-mails. In addition, the system will initially check the submitted invoice. In the case of a detected error it will prevent registration on the portal. This will avoid erroneous documents and save time for administrative staff.

Fast registration of taxi tickets, parking, tolls, and automated upload of its photo from your smartphone. The expense will be linked to its corresponding project. This service will provide an ecological and comfortable alternative to traditional paper tickets.

Avant Manager allows us to easily manage and control subcontracts. In each project we will be able to quickly consult the list of subcontracts, the economic proposals that were passed to us, the total amount subcontracted, amounts invoiced and the number of pending invoices… Each new invoice that our supplier sends us we will have to register it so that it is incorporated and accounted for in the project. In addition, for each project, we will be able to know the amount that we have subcontracted and the percentage that it represents of the total that we will invoice.

There will be automatic generation of order forms for suppliers from templates with the format and conditions of your architecture or engineering studio.

We will preserve records of received invoices from suppliers, or other services. All the documents will be organized, archived and linked to the corresponding project.


With the initial templates that you create, Avant Manager is able to generate and send emails automatically but in a personalized way. You can send invoices, fee proposals, etc., automatically, saving time and without losing personal treatment with your client. In addition, the emails are automatically classified and linked to the project and the corresponding client. You will be able to search for emails by project, client, person, type, etc., as well as share them with your team without having to forward. You will be able to do so without using applications like Outlook or WeTransfer since with Avant Manager you will have a greater capacity to manage your e-mails in an efficient, intelligent and automated way.


With our app, you will carry your studio in your pocket: upload photos of a project directly to your folder, geolocated and with text and audio comments, register receipts and link them to the corresponding project, control the time you invest in each task and the steps to complete them, check pending tasks and coordinate with your team, check the e-mails of the projects and their attached files … all with a single click.


With the Avant Manager calendar, you will be able to share appointments with your team, coordinate with them, see the next commercial actions to be carried out, view when you have to issue the next invoice for a project or when to check if the invoices issued are entered. You will be able to establish work calendars, as well as manage the request and acceptance of vacation days, etc. You will also have the Avant Manager calendar synchronized with your mobile calendar. Forget the limitations of traditional calendars such as Outlook or Google Calendar!


Avant Manager allows various displays on one or more TV monitors installed in a central place, visible by all workers as well as visitors. It will display various information from the office that may be of interest to the team and help them to better organize their tasks.
We can project data such as meetings, monthly billing and production targets, weekly planning, the most frequent clients in recent months, ongoing projects, monthly production achieved, employee absences, weekly planning, etc.